Peptides are naturally occurring biological materials that bind amino acids together to form molecules. When a molecule is composed of 2-50 amino acids, it is considered a peptide, whereas a molecule consisting of more than 50 amino acids is a protein. Peptides are found throughout the body in every cell and tissue and are vital to the body’s proper functioning.

Certain peptides also play an essential role in women’s sexual wellness, such as arousal, libido, and energy. As much as 43% of women (30 million) in the United States suffer from sexual dysfunction – difficulty achieving orgasm. Peptides can improve these aspects by activating dopamine, which, when low, can result in decreased sexual arousal and libido. One of the most common peptides we utilize for sexual wellness is PT-141, also known as bremelanotide, which studies have shown to significantly increase women’s sexual desire as well as their ability to reach orgasm. It works through activating relevant areas of the nervous system that control such aspects of sexuality.

If you have difficulty reaching orgasm or have experienced a decrease in libido, we may be able to help you with peptides. Please call BioMD Balance Solutions at (323) 740-7910 for more information or to schedule an appointment!