Dr. Olga was first referred to me through another of my trusted medical providers. I can’t thank them enough! For the first time I am taking care of what is going on inside not just trying to fix what I can see. I no longer suffer from chronic fatigue and my energy levels feel as if I am in my 30’s again! I can’t thank you enough:)

– Darleen G.

I first saw Oksana in 2010. I had concerns about aging skin and wanted to learn new ways to keep myself looking and feeling young. Oksana is an expert in all things she does. She has done my botox and fillers for 7 years now and I could not be happier with the results she has helped me accomplish. I would recommend her to anyone and everyone wanting to explore the use of botox and/or fillers. She also does many other cosmetic procedures which I look forward to doing with her in the future. She really learns your face, skin type and habits in order to give you the exact results that you are looking for. I moved to Chicago in 2013 and continue to travel back to LA to see her because she is SO GOOD at what she does. Thank you Oksana!!

I first saw Dr. B in January of 2017. I came to her with many health concerns including hormonal imbalances, hair loss, weight issues, tiredness and not feeling like myself. She addressed each of my issues by taking a holistic approach to my health. Throughout 2017 we worked weekly on my hormones, diet, mind, fitness and general well being. She customized a supplement, hormone, diet, mental and fitness routine for me. I was able to lose 45 pounds, correct my blood sugar and thyroid issues naturally, and most importantly develop a new healthy lifestyle. A year later, I feel like a new woman. I’m no longer tired, overweight and unbalanced. Dr. B and her staff are very responsive and genuinely care about me as a person. I would recommend her to anyone and everyone wanting to make serious changes to their lifestyle, health and appearance. Thank you Dr. B!!

– Emily F.