Methylation is an essential metabolic process at the cellular level whereby a methyl group (one carbon atom and three hydrogen atoms) transfers onto amino acids, proteins, enzymes, and DNA. This occurs in every cell in the body and helps regulate healing, cell energy, genetic expressions of DNA, neurological function, liver detoxification, and immunity, to name a few. This process degrades with age, and many age-related conditions are a direct result of this degradation. Research has shown that methylation occurs in cycles and these cycles are responsible for many regulatory processes.

Genetic defects in the methylation process can cause a cascade of health problems. Through the use of specifically targeted nutrients, we can restore balance to the body.

When there is disruption in the methylation cycle, a person may experience a wide array of illnesses such as fatigue, heart palpitations, buildup of heavy metals, immune dysfunction, autoimmune disease, joint pain and inflammation, digestive issues and low nutrient absorption, food sensitivities and leaky gut, thyroid problems, diabetes, anxiety, nervousness, depression, apathy, ADHD, bipolar disorder, addictive behavior, and possibly even MS and ALS.

Through genetic testing, we can now understand where you may be experiencing these genetic glitches in the methylation process. Once we know this, we can recommend supplementation, which will essentially “bypass” the genetic mutation and allow your genes to begin functioning the way they were meant to.

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